Essay on The State Of Alabama, Alabama

Essay on The State Of Alabama, Alabama

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In the state of Alabama, there are many communities with their own values, beliefs, traditions, and community resources. According to Maurer and Smith (2013), a community is an open social system with people who have the same goals over a period of time. Communities contain people, places, and social interactions. The communities described within this paper are Jefferson and Shelby County. These counties both located in Alabama.
Jefferson County, Alabama was founded December 13, 1819 (Encyclopedia of Alabama, 2013). It is approximately 1,119 square miles and is the most populated county in Alabama with approximately 658,466 people. Jefferson County’s is located in the north-central part of Alabama. Its largest city is Birmingham. Shelby County was founded February 7, 1818 (Encyclopedia of Alabama, 2013). It is located near the center of the state with approximately 178,182 people. Shelby County is approximately 800 square miles. Shelby County’s largest city is Alabaster and most populated city is Hoover. Counties are separated from other counties by county lines. According to Maurer and Smith (2013), Jefferson and Shelby County are geopolitical communities defined by boundaries. These communities may only know some people face-to-face or on a personal level. Other interactions include organizations and foundations within the community.
Jefferson County is known for its banking and medical industry. 53 percent of the population in Jefferson County identify themselves as white, 42 percent as African Americans, 3.9 percent as Hispanic, 1.4 percent as Asian, 1.1 percent as two or more races, and 0.3 percent as Native American (Encyclopedia of Alabama, 2013). According to the United States Census Bureau (2015), 6.6 percent of the pop...

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...erson and Shelby County include improving healthcare access, providing adequate transportation, providing access for mental health, reducing crime and violence, promoting health lifestyles choices, reducing homelessness, and preventing discrimination for health care needs. Approximately 20 percent of the individuals reported general discrimination in a study performed by Lyles, Karter, Young, Spigner, Grembowski, Schillinger, and Adler (2011). Barriers that effect successful implementation of a community health strategy include high rates of poverty, unemployment, violent crimes, and substance abuse. Other barriers include limited access to healthcare for those who do not have insurance, learning barriers in the population, transportation barriers, inadequate healthy food, limited mental health and substance abuse access, and inadequate maternal and child recourses.

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