Essay on State Farm 's Ad Of Time Magazine

Essay on State Farm 's Ad Of Time Magazine

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State Farm’s ad in Time magazine (December 2015) accurately targets young well educated adults who are in a professional job. State Farm’s ad is a picture of a professional looking mother and her kids getting into they’re grey van. The grey van is split in half and the right side is missing. The other half of the van is replaced with the right side of a RV. Outside the RV an older looking woman and her husband are camping out. In white letters cut out of a red block. It says “INSURE YOU NOW” (Pg. 43). That phrase is over the mother and her kids. Over the RV and older woman it says “ENSURE YOUR FUTURE” (Pg. 43). State Farm’s ad reaches toward young, well educated, professional looking adults. The ad does this magnificently through color, layout, and wording. State Farms ad has many good examples of being a well thought out ad for its target audience. Firstly there are many colors that have many different hidden meanings in the ad. This paper will talk about the meanings of the colors white, red, and grey. These three colors meanings and why they are placed were they are in the ad. The ad’s layout is also well done, and precise laid out. The paper will use a list that tells what makes an ad layout exquisite. The writing of the ad is impeccable. There are three reasons why the State Farm ad’s writing is extravagant. State Farms ad meets these requirements and many more.
State Farm’s ad in Time magazine (December 2015) accurately targets young well educated adults who are in a professional job. State Farm does this through color, layout, and wording. All of the many colors in the world have different effects, and meanings. State Farm uses the color white to show safety in their ad. The first important color the ad uses is white. The...

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...nd simple, and the writing isn’t pushy and trying to make you insure with them.
State Farm’s ad in Time magazine (December 2015) accurately targets young well educated adults who are in a professional job. Firstly this ad is superb due to the use of color. The color is used very well in hiding hidden messages. The messages are hidden within our emotions to the color when we see them. Secondly the layout of the ad is well done. The layout causes you see the message first due to position of the ad’s wording. Then the ad has pictures that are relevant towards each other. The final way this ad is astonishing is the wording. The wording of the slogan is short and simple. The ad avoids using big words to expel readers from it. State Farm’s ad in the Time magazine printed December 2015 is precisely accurate at its intended audience young, well educated, professional adults.

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