State Budgets And The Way The Budget Effects Education Essay

State Budgets And The Way The Budget Effects Education Essay

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The first Ted Talks spokesperson was Bill Gates. Gates introduced the topic of State’s budgets and the way the budget effects Education. He started off with important statistics explaining percentages of State’s budgets. For example, the State is spending thirty-six percent, however, only coming back with twenty-six percent revenue. The problem of Educational funding comes from the budget because the States are left with a ten percent deficit causing the Education budget to be cut. States such as California are borrowing money that is not there making the problem worse. The budget getting cut is not just as simple as not having enough money, it is a ripple effect to the schools causing classes to get larger, the competition of young and old teachers, along with teachers having to be laid off. The investment needs to be in the young innovative minds of the children, not state budgets. On the other hand of Education, Ken Robinson opens up about another perspective of Education involving students. He touches base on dropout rates and compares States in the US to Finland. In Finland, the...

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