The State And Religious Organizations Essay

The State And Religious Organizations Essay

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The state and religious organizations carry different agendas and motives in the society with each having different functions that guide the way people live and exercise their freedom. Freedom of religion and worship is explicitly guaranteed in the Constitution, and the state does not indulge in the way the church organizations function. In light of the developments in the churches organizations, there are leadership issues that touch on the government and there is a great difference on the way the church is organized and the way the state is organized. From financial pursuits and expenditure on the various projects that churches engage in the way the organizations appoint their leaders, religious entities are not any different from the non-governmental organizations that perform humanitarian work in the society. In this respect, the need for the state and the religious organizations to have distinct and separate functions in the society is guaranteed so as to allow the churches to be different and independent from the control by the state (Hamburger 386).
The separation that exists between the functioning and activities of the church from the state has serious implications in the society and will greatly influence how decisions regarding laws are made at the state level. Although some of the laws made by the state do not conform to the doctrines found in religious entities, the state guarantees the freedom to the church in order to accord each organization the freedom it deserves to worship. This means that the state and laws of any society do not take sides, and any belief in the conduits on the society does not allow for support from the state. The principles of separation of the church from the state and political neutrality...

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...he income tax that the government collects goes to registered religions as nominated by each taxpayer resulting to the Roman Catholic Church getting approximately 87% of that portion allocated to religions. The place of religion in the society cannot be assumed by people in the society or by the state, but there needs to be a crucial separation of the activities of the church and the state. The state should give the religions the freedom needed to run their affairs in the society without directly imposing laws to the churches (Cochran 249). On the other hand, it is allowable for the religions to give ideas and push for the inclusion of their beliefs in the Constitution if they are for the common good of the people. However, such laws and provisions should be evaluated in order to prevent beliefs that are explicitly religious being imposed on everybody in the society.

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