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Starting a Business Online Essay

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1. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of taking your small business online by performing a SWOT analysis. Include 2-4 items in each category.
What is a SWOT analysis? It is an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of a business unit and identification of opportunities presented by the markets of business units and threats posed by competitors. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats is what the letters of SWOT resemble (Schneider 2001 page 32).. Inside a business are where the strengths and weaknesses are found and what each business is capable of handling. Opportunities and threats are located outside a company and are based on the real world (Zahorsky 2011). Starting a business online and moving forward is a great advantage. Other advantages are taking the steps to focus on growing, using SWOT to comprehend the structure in a business plan, focus on aggressive advertising that will withstand in the marketplace and taking hold of threats and reacting when needed (Zahorsky 2011). E-commerce provides any company the ability to reach out to more people. Potential customers are now at home on their personal computer and no longer have to be inside the store. Customers are looking for strengths in businesses including different locations of businesses, the uniqueness of a product, and how well the established business is (Zahorsky 2011). Weaknesses are very difficult to write about rather than strengths for businesses. By choosing to convert to an online business, some of the strong points that small businesses thrive on would be lost. Customer relationships would be virtually non-existent along with customer loyalty. Small businesses are influenced by factors outside of the commercial realm. These include environment...

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... otherwise made. (Schneider 2011 page 326).”
In order to prevent these crimes I would make it possible so that no matter where the crime took place at there would be punishment even if it occurred outside the United States. If there is a law that is being forced in one area of the country it should be forced in all areas. Now as for online gambling, I feel as though it should be eliminated completely due to unlawfulness taken place. By doing this there would have to be a way of getting rid of the gambling sites.

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