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The Start of The War in Syria Essay example

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The war started in March when they attacked 15 school children that wrote graffiti on the wall in Syria. The government and president Assad didn’t approve and he captured them and held them hostage and tortured them. The people of Syria wanted to have peaceful protest and not fight however the government didn’t approved and killed people. Also when they were mourning the 4 people that had died the government killed one more person. This threw the country into chaos because they were upset and fed up that President Assad didn’t want to listen to them. They said that Assad was following Mubarak’s footsteps. Assad agreed to lift the state of emergency on the country, however 4 days after the Syrian regime sent thousands into Daraa. This is what created the start of the war in Syria.

The people included are Iran it is a very close allies to Syria, they have given them technical support, combat troops, and financial support as well. Their leader Ali Khamenei has also been in favor the Syrian government since 2011. The Iranians also provided them with countless military support and the also helped the while the Syrian war turned into a civil war. Iraq because they have sent Assad financial support from 2011 they also have a deal with Syria to provide them with diesel fuel. Russia because the have a naval base there called the Tartus naval base, which is the only navel base that is outside of the Soviet Union. They also further their involvement because they are helping to train Syrian soldiers. The Hezbollah is an ally of the Ba’ath party Led by Assad and his family. They help in fighting aginst the Syrian rebels. Nasrallah , sho is the leader of the Hezbollah claims thathey do not fight for the Syrian government, ...

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...violent. Also since the war has happed the government has become extremely more violent against the opposing team. They have shot and killed doctors trying to help the wounded, unarmed civilians, and raided mosques.

Russia has had a big role in the Syrian war since 2011. Russia has sold so many different armed weapons to Syria. In 2008 Syria purchased billions of dollars of Russian weapons and equipment, also as I mentioned one of Russia’s Naval bases is based in Tartus, Syria. The rebels also have a big role because they are the opposition. Bashar al- Assad is the cause of the Syrian war. He would not step down from his position, and he would also not listen to his people. They wanted him to peacefully resolve the situation when it first began, however he thought by involving force and weapons he would be enforcing his power however he made a mistake.

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