The Start Of The Social Media Era Essay

The Start Of The Social Media Era Essay

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The year 2000 was the start of the Social Media Era. It was 6 years before Twitter was created as a way to express little thoughts you have throughout the day, 4 years before the idea of Facebook was thought of in Mark Zuckerbergs dorm room as a way to share your whole entire life with your friends and family virtually and even 3 years before Myspace was introduced as one of the first that supported the idea of social networking. We could have never imagined that someday we’d be spending countless hours every day on websites like Facebook or Twitter. These social networks were all just ideas in a designers’ mind that blossomed into a new era of people attached to their screens.
Flash forward to the present. Whether you are a college student or a middle aged stay at home mom, In the year 2016 updating your social networks has become a daily, or even hourly activity. The urgency that a college student feels to express to their 700 friends on Facebook their newest assignment from their horrible professor stems from the need to have everyone in your circle know everything that is going on in your life. There is also a need to know everything that is going on in every single one of your friends’ lives. Social media has helped throughout all these years to feed into that desire. A single scroll through Facebook can tell you your favorite sports team is playing, the weather outside, the latest viral dance, which class is cancelled tomorrow, what assignments are due, recent news headlines, who just had a baby, who is dating who and next thing you know 3 hours have passed by and you’ve had all this information bombarded at you about your day all from checking one social network.
“Sixty percent of adults maintain a profile on a social net...

... middle of paper ... that YouTube stars have built a relationship with you and a trust and you are more reluctant to buy a brand that they give a positive review on.
Social media has given the average person the opportunity to turn into a celebrity and develop a following similar to that of an athlete star or music artist. Celebrities have been endorsing products long before social media was as popular as it is now. That is also a growing form of marketing because people are more interested in keeping up with the latest fashion trends and a celebrity is your first source into what is in for the season.
Marketing in social media has proven to be so successful because it is allowing companies to increase brand awareness at little to no cost. Traditional advertising methods are a lot more costly and don’t prove to be as effective as the many different strategies that I have mentioned.

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