Essay on The Start of the American Revolution

Essay on The Start of the American Revolution

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On April 19, 1775 seven hundred British troops marched to take control and command the American arsenal and to capture Patriot leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock. ( 1996-2013) A man named Paul Revere saw the British and quickly went ahead to warn the Patriots. This gave the Americans the little time they needed to assemble their minutemen; these were men and boys who could be ready at a minutes notice to defend and fight, they were picked because of their strength, wits and reliability. (Independence Hall Association.1995-2013) When the British arrived they were faced with seventy seven minutemen; the British commanded they disperse, they started to move and one single shot was fired from the British (the shot heard around the world) and the others followed. Eight Americans were killed and many others were wounded; this was the start of the American Revolution. ( 1996-2013) The American Revolution made America the country it is today; it turned America from a country enslaved by the government and racism into a country of its own beliefs. The American colonies had to fight to win power over the British control therefore there were events such as the Declaration of Independence and the Boston Tea Party.
Today John F Kennedy is being sent back to The Age of Revolution, he has been chosen because he knows a lot about the people, the government and he was a very strong, intelligent and inspiring man. Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 in Brookline Massachusetts. Kennedy was raised by a man that taught him winning was everything and anything less than first place was not respectable. As a boy Kennedy was average in school, he preferred the company of girls, sports and of course practical jokes. (John F. Kennedy. 2...

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... better ways to react and the many of the colonist that had died could have been saved. One can only imagine the anger and frustration these people had felt because they had no control over their own lives.

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