Start Of A New Life Essay

Start Of A New Life Essay

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Start of a New Life

I don 't know what to do. I don 't know what to think. My instructor Mrs. Ross is giving the class an assignment to write a memoir about our life. How to write a paper the correct way? I am too country for this. Writing the exact way you talk is not good. How would I start? Having so much that happened in one 's life can be difficult to pick one thing. Not knowing where you would start can also be difficult. If it ball down to what will I want to tell the most I could not choose. Never let situations bring you down.
The beginning of my life was a rocket. My mom had already had one child by another dude by accident and now alone comes me. September 18, 1997 born to a world that I did not have any clue what it had in store for me. I never met my dad when I first came out the womb. He was not around until I was one years old. He then comes along and try to get to know me. My dad and I grew closer within the year. We watched movies, went out to eat, and played together. One year had went by and my dad disappeared again. My dad was sentenced twelve years in prison. I thought how could this be? We had just met each other. How could he just up and leave me that easy? Years had passed and my mom started to see someone else. He was very nice and loved her and us. My dad still had three years left in prison. It was no hope that they will ever be back together again. More years had passed my dad was still gone. My mom was now on her fourth child and the dude that I will soon be calling my step dad had finally propose to my mom. I thought maybe this was a good thing. My mom was finally happy and we can final...

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...oing through the changes. I will never know how the transformation from: Middle school, High School, cheer competition, Basketball games, Track meets, college, getting married, starting a family, and watching my kids grow up fell with my mom feel. My step dad took a chunk of my life and my siblings’ life away from us that we can never get back. I did forgive him but I will never forget. He taught me a life lesson. It is to never let my guard down. Protect the ones that are close to you from harm ways. Growing from this I encourage myself to make a difference in the world. I kept a smile on my face not showing any of hurt nor the things I been through since I was born. I am now attending college away from home studying Associate of Science-criminal justice. Although I could not control what happened to my mom. My goal is to make sure it will not happen to anyone else.

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