Essay about The Start Before The Beginning

Essay about The Start Before The Beginning

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The Start Before the Beginning
Writing is in every part of a person’s life; it is in school, work, hobbies, and more, but it is what happens before the writing comes out is what is important. People often use a technique called prewriting, which according to the dictionary means: “Preparatory work for a piece of writing, as idea formulation, an outline, or research” (Prewriting). Prewriting is common in the early stages of writing, having multiple types such as clustering—a bubble map of connections, looping—a directed form of freewriting, journalistic questions—asking open ended questions that require thought, and more. Being a writer isn’t always easy, and when it comes to writing a proper story it can be very difficult because a writer needs to make sure that they all of their thoughts together when they start; thus a writer should use prewriting, and the best type of prewriting is looping: A technique that uses freewriting to circle around to a more defined topic.
Freewriting is an outlet to escape the rational mind, where adults can let out their childish side when writing out ideas and even creating stories that they wouldn’t be able to if they were thinking rationally. In a TED Talk, staring Adora Svitak, the child prodigy states, “On the other hand, we kids still dream about perfection. And that 's a good thing, because in order to make anything a reality, you have to dream about it first” (Svitak). Svitak is a child, and she shows that her imagination and ways of thinking is less rational than that of an adult; it allows her to think in a broader way and as she explained before publishing her children’s books, “I loved to write from the age of four, and when I was six, my mom bought me my own laptop equipped with Micro...

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...ges. The author of the freewrites could see where they are using too much dialogue and too much exposition in their description that makes the story busy. In “Stories at Work. Fictional-Critical Writing as a Means of Professional Development” by Gillie Bolton, she explains that “Using the time and discussions to ‘feel’ my way around a theme and express these feelings on paper without inhibitions” (Bolton 15). Bolton was able to take time and get comfortable with her own plan before she began writing, the way she explained she wrote “without inhibition” (Bolton 15), it can be assumed that it was likely freewriting to get all of her ideas for a specific theme onto paper. Character development and theme in a story is important, as well as the overall description of the story, directed freewriting, or looping, allows for the writer to work out the development in pieces.

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