Starbucks, Tim Hortons And Second Cup Essay

Starbucks, Tim Hortons And Second Cup Essay

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A rippled white heart sits on the surface of a layer of espresso and milk, inside a twelve ounce cup. A layer of caffeine is hidden underneath the velvet snow. The rippled white heart is contrasted with the colour of the beans, a sweet touch to a bitter taste. The milk does not hide the taste, but it enhances its strength.
The rippled white heart are the layers in the cup, like the complex layers of a coffee bean. The commodity of a drink is taken for granted and the process takes months to produce. It is a hidden fruit that no one sees. Coffee is more than a bean, it’s actually a seed.
* * *
I order a cup like every student who tries to stay awake. Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Second Cup is found at every block and the corner of any street. Not to mention, the few local shops trying to be in competition. These brands are part of the commodity. The brand is famous than the actual drinks they sell. I walk in the shop and it is the same smell. The sweetness of the syrups sits at the bottom of a cup and it gets lost once the espresso drips. All the flavours are hidden underneath the layer of milk, filled to the top of the rim. Once the espresso hits the cup, the drink is no longer a bean. The commodity of coffee is traded from the machine to the cup. It all tastes the same. When it hits my tongue, I am instantly awake.
* * *
The coffee bean is a hidden fruit, traded around the world. Arabica and Robusta travel around the world everyday, but Arabica takes the reign. The quality is more important than the quantity, there is a reason why coffee is a demand. The coffee bean is just a fruit, and only the insides are used. The coffee bean is the cherry seed, that no one ever sees.
The cherries grow to its fullest, to ensure the perfect ble...

... middle of paper ...

...stomer, we play two dollars for a brew and five dollars for a picture of a heart. As a barista, we pay for the waste, when no one walks in the shop. The commodity of a bean literally goes down the drain, when the full pot of brew is passed its hour and the flavours are gone.
* * *
Coffee is just a commodity, when its sold cup after cup. Coffee shops sit at the corner of every block, drawing people in with the seasonal taste. Promos and colourful ads are pointed directly at one’s face. Rarely do customers go for the sweets and treats, and just want the hidden bean. Prices go up and sizes get smaller, trying to reduce the waste. Latte art is more than a heart, it’s just a presentation. It does not change the way it taste; it only hides the commodity with a picture. The purpose is to stay awake, but the simplicity of a bean is lost, when added flavours takes it all away.

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