Starbucks Communication Plan For Starbucks Essay

Starbucks Communication Plan For Starbucks Essay

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Starbucks Communication Plan
Once the action plan is in effect, the plan then relies on the implementation and the communication strategy for the idea to work. Communication objectives are obtained and the strategic tactics on how to communicate and disseminate the communication objectives formally and informally.
Communication Objectives
The communication objectives are to be clear and concise and must be entirely different from other marketing strategies goals of the other competitors. Starbucks communication strategy is creating awareness, transform the views of the customer, build and strengthen the brand image, create a replacement image of a new brand of coffee to the new customer’s view.
Communication Strategy
Starbucks communication strategy is preferred through the public, advertising, media, sales promotions, social sponsoring, and launching offers. Starbucks approach will bring closeness to the customer or the public; these tactics will aid in the decision of the purchasing of the Starbucks products. Starbucks has a well-developed plan that has short and long-termed milestones that will create a win-win situation all the while staying focused on their mission and vision of the Starbucks corporation.
Short and Long-Termed Goals (Formal and Informal)
The strategy is introduced publicly by presenting their Starbucks products to the global market. The advertising is disseminated very strategically to be different than the competitors by utilizing electronic and print media. The launching of offers is to introduce a new product in the Starbucks coffee market. The last but the strongest form is the using the media, this kind of communication in short-termed goals allows for the press to present the new Starbu...

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...mer, may it be the drink of order or the joke of the day they like to hear or a follow-up of a previous discussion.
The servant skills used will and do provide a sense of comfort to the public, the attitude, the atmosphere being created, can and does make a difference in Starbucks success. These skills must always be displayed, making them loyalty customers.
The action plan relies on the implementation strategies, which, therefore, relies on the communication objectives and the dissemination of the plan. The communication objectives are what allows for the execution of Starbucks plan to occur in a formal and informal way. Starbucks does this with short and long termed goals creating a win-win atmosphere. The servant leadership skills provide the execution of these objectives and making sure all customer’s needs are the highest priority, one cup at a time.

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