Starbucks Australia And The Supply Chain And Inventory Management Essay

Starbucks Australia And The Supply Chain And Inventory Management Essay

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The World today is generally developing every time, result in a financially increasing condition and the exchanges between area and area as well as individual and individual are more and more common. The supply chain, as a result, dose occupy an increasingly important role. Therefore, this research focuses on Starbucks in Australia, and is mainly conducted to discover the element, management and improvement of this international operation today.

In the first stage of research, the basic information about the company is collected to be analyzed. With the purpose of better understanding the study questions, the literature review is conducted to collect secondary data. This study was undertaken using academic sources such as journals, ebook, encyclopedia, electronic report and official data.

The study finds out that the major elements of Starbucks Australia can be divided into purchase, production, high quality coffee, demand, distribution, inventory, customers and logistic technology as well. Besides, a SWOT analysis demonstrates that the effective IT system in supply chain and inventory management, sustainable supply chain with partnerships, and Microsoft Dynamics GP are benefits to the operation. However, the mismanagement of supply chain expenditures can be regarded as a weakness. As the use of mobile machine, the apps which can provide convenience might be an opportunity. In the future, the change of customer demand and the climate should be noticed.

Basing on those findings, the GAP analysis is made to compare the current situation and the target in order to find out the gap and propose some reasonable recommendations. Such as corporate with farmers, make talent plan, make more changes in Australian markets due to l...

... middle of paper ... as strokes, accessories etc. For hearing, as the United States Starbucks has its own record company that publics the issue of jazz, so the store plays Starbucks 's own jazz. And for smelling, the fragrance from grinding coffee beans will make people feel pleasure.

People. Starbucks asserts that the café service for people, so the employees are really important. When the company select new employee, it pays more attention on persons with good manners and good affinity. Besides, most of them are young, they full of energy and have great ability of accepting new things.

Process. The operation aims to offer sincere and emotional service, so that customers can feel a better experience in Starbuck then competitors. For example, greet each people when they come in, introduce drinks and snacks when consumers are waiting to decrease their irritation of longer queues.

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