Starbucks And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay

Starbucks And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay

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When I saw this discussion, I couldn’t help but think of Starbucks and the impact they’ve made throughout their 45 years of establishment. I worked with them for about 7 years and saw how unique they were from your everyday coffee and latte spots. A retail company with thousands of coffee shops in the US as well as in other countries, this particular retailer has been able to catch the eyes of all ages as well as locations throughout the world. For example, today college students utilize Starbucks locations to study rather than go to a nearby library. Starbucks is also known for its best coffee and espresso drinks (Latte or Frappuccino) and with one of its delicious espresso 's any student or just a person stopping in to enjoy its lounge area where there is free Wi-Fi is awesome! Starbucks lifecycle has made a 360 turn around and been revamped twice to accommodated the growing market. Customizing their brand to fit more in with everything and not just one thing. By doing this they’ve created multiple product lifecycles within their own lifecycle as a corporate company.

The growth stage is one of the most important stages as it can drive the business. Being that lattes are a basic beverage, the marketplace easily accepted it. The growth of this product shows longevity for Starbucks with this one product. Since Starbucks latte was more money than most it caused a lot of competitors to come forward with their own spin or options. What made Starbucks different was their technique and process for perfecting the best beverage every time. For example when Starbucks created the third place atmosphere for customer to feel like they were home while away from home, McDonalds created the McCafé and its beverage line. Which consist of latte...

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...w volatility from foreign currency fluctuations, they propose into a forward and swap contracts to hedge portions of cash flows of anticipated revenue streams, inventory purchases, and principal and interest payments on intercompany loans in currencies other than the entity 's functional currency. For Commodities, Depending on market conditions, Starbucks propose into coffee futures contracts and collars hedge a portion of anticipated cash flows under our price-to-be-fixed green coffee contracts. All effective portion of the derivative 's gain or loss is recorded in AOCI and is subsequently reclassified to revenue, cost of sales, or interest income and other, net, interest expense over the life of the related debt, correspondingly, when the hedged exposure affects net earnings. (Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) - Derivative Financial Instruments (Q1 2015 (10-Q)). (n.d.).

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