Essay about The, Staples, And Pew Report

Essay about The, Staples, And Pew Report

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Essay 3
The readings from Tatum, Staples, and the Pew Report was very interesting to me. Especially when Tatum said “there’s a system of advantage based on race.” (4) It opened my eyes because some of the stuff she talked about was unknown to me before I read the chapter. All the articles show how the American dream is under fire for some people. However, I do not think my American dream is in jeopardy.
I’ve connected to some of these readings in several in several different ways. Tatum’s article showed a couple ways of being racist. I was a passive racist, because I didn’t know laughing at racist jokes were in fact racist. I will now give racist jokes no type of emotional thought other than a straight face. It’s also kind of crazy how in the Pew Report they said that males 30-35 years old are more than likely to make less money in 2004 than in 1974. (Sawhill 6) I hope that I don’t make the average income for males when I’m 30-35 years old, because that is part of my American dream. Staples shows that if you walk late at night or you are walking while black, it could end up being consequential.
I can see that many of these things that were talked about in these readings has impacted my world. I never knew that there was a system of advantage based on race. I can now see that everything I have done and everything I will do in the future will benefit me because of my skin color. I also see how there are many of passive racist in the world today. I never realized how many there were until I read the article. All throughout my life people have made racist jokes. I never thought anything of it. Some of those jokes that were told weren’t even black jokes they were also white, Asian, and Hispanic jokes. One time for ...

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...pic in the presidential campaign.
Honestly I have very strong feelings towards the black lives matter movement. I personally think they are turning into a terrorist organization right before our eyes. Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. You can see that is exactly what they are doing. They are burning their own cities to the ground in protest, but that is only hurting themselves. They always claim black lives matter but when blacks kill other blacks no one seems to care, again if a cop kills a black man for assaulting the officer they are in uproar about it. You must start in your own communities teach your kids safety and to go to school instead of joining a gang. 93 % of blacks are killed by other blacks, but I thought black lives matter? I could go on and write a whole passionate paper about this subject.

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