The Standards That Underpin The Whole Of The Teaching Profession Essay

The Standards That Underpin The Whole Of The Teaching Profession Essay

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As a graduate teacher it is important to understand the standards that underpin the whole of the teaching profession. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards) came about after extensive evidence was put forward by the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for young Australians in 2008 to say that Australia needed to improve its teacher quality in order to be considered as a world-class country in education (, 2014). The key elements of what constitutes quality teaching make up seven standards and are broken down into the three domains of professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement.
Standard 3 of the Standards is included in the domain of professional practice and its main aim is to ensure that effective teaching and learning occurs through focusing on comprehensive planning and goal-setting, teaching strategies, the use of resources, evaluation and communication with students and parents (, 2014a). Professional practice is made up of the knowledge, skills and practices required by teachers to meet the needs of their students (Zammit, 2007).
Graduate teachers have completed the necessary qualifications to ensure they can implement and manage learning programs for students whilst lead teachers are extremely innovative and experienced teaching practitioners who use their highly developed skills and knowledge not only in the classroom but through mentoring others (, 2014a). Here we explore the differences between the expectations of a graduate and a lead teacher for standard 3 using each of the seven focus areas.
Establishing challenging goals for all students, especially gifted students or those with a learning disabili...

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...mmunity in general. Their teaching practice is highly-skilled and innovative and they apply a range of strategies to lesson planning and using educational goals for all students, including those with learning difficulties or who are gifted. Lead teachers constantly reflect and improve on their teaching practices and mentor others to do the same. They model effective communication to students, colleagues and parents/carers and engage in it in a meaningful and authentic way.
As a graduate student, it is important to not only understand that these differences exist but to understand why they exist. Committing to being a teacher means committing to a lifelong journey of learning, failing, improving, reflecting and communicating. It means never giving up and striving to reach the lead teacher level in a timely manner and never forgetting the road that takes you there.

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