Standards of Education in Everett Community College Essays

Standards of Education in Everett Community College Essays

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Everett influence and have impact its people through its education allowing its people to become successful individuals. As more and more people are developing higher interest in education, the standards that people in Everett have for education is really high. Everett spend a great amount of their investment in knowledge for education; all for the people to improve the future of Everett. College fairs in Everett provide its people with opportunities for higher education, inspire the people or students to work harder and move forward into higher education. The increasing number of Everett’s students graduating from high school and moving onward to higher education in colleges like Everett Community College, Central Washington University, University of Washington both Bothell and Seattle, even out state of college showing that people are taking their studies seriously. Everett make efforts toward emphasizing its education inspires the citizens to become successful in the future.
The high standards people have towards the education in Everett gives their people a goal and inspires them to work hard towards the goal of being successful. These stats from U.S Census Bureau have shown that “86.2 percent of people age 25+ who are living in Everett have graduated with a high school degree or higher and 20.1 percent of people of the same age have a bachelor’s degree” (U.S. Census Bureau). These stats show that Everett’s people have set high standards for themselves when it comes to their education. 20.1% of people had high standards set for themselves, that they accomplished in order to receive that bachelor degree. The standard is pressuring Everett’s people to work harder because of this pressure people or students are working h...

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...hard. If Everett doesn’t care about education then they wouldn’t have put in any effort in investment towards education and because of this poor effort towards education people won’t be inspired to being knowledgeable nor capable of working. Everett wouldn’t make any commitment towards education by not providing college fairs to help its people to become successful. Everett wouldn’t even have schools for people to learn. If they didn’t make any emphasis on education. Without education and successful people then there wouldn’t be huge building or business in Everett at all.

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