Standardized Tests Should Not Be Required For College Entrance Essay

Standardized Tests Should Not Be Required For College Entrance Essay

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Standardized tests have been a scourge of student life in America for more than fifty years. Throughout the United States, high school students prepare for months for the day in which they have to take out their No. 2 pencils, to endure four everlasting hours of bubbling-in answers. The ACT, American College Testing, and its counterpart, the SAT, Scholastic Assessment Test, are known as the high school exit exams, in which they have become one of the largest determining factors in the college-admissions process. Both standardized tests judge a student 's performance, in which it measures how well students learned skills to meet state standards. Although standardized tests are meant to measure what one learns in high school in order to determine ones academic readiness for college, should standardized tests be required for college entrance? In this Research Proposal, I will propose that standardized tests should not be a factor in the decision of getting into a college.
Standardized testing for colleges began in 1900 with the formation of the College Entrance Examination Board, in which it measured proficiency across nine subject areas and was considered curriculum-based achievement tests. Rochelle Gutierrez and her colleagues offered an appropriate understanding of what achievement really is. “Achievement is all the outcomes that students and teacher attain. Achievement is more than test scores but also includes class participation, students’ course-taking patterns, and teachers’ professional development patterns.” The standardized tests we all know so well do not even come close to assessing all the outcomes that students and teachers attain. Standardized tests also do not take into consideration the external factors of students ...

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... score is on the college application, it allows the admissions office to easily select or discard an applicant by comparing his or her score to the average required score for that particular college.
Standardized testing was first brought about to measure students achievement and performance, but students do not learn much from standardized testing, and one as a student losses a great deal by giving it so much prominence. Students spend the majority of their time preparing for standardized tests, instead of spending their time learning. In addition, standardized tests give students anxiety, and could lead them to want to drop out of high school due to all of the stress. I believe that standardized tests should not carry so much weight in the education system. They should serve as checks of the educational system rather than as a determinant of the future of students.

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