Standardized Testing Is Wrong And Uneducational Essay

Standardized Testing Is Wrong And Uneducational Essay

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His hands are shaking, his palms are sweaty, he is afraid his heart is about to beat out of his chest. The rectangular thing is placed in front of him. A bead of sweat drips from his forehead. he wipes it away. Soon after that he faints. This is all because of a simple rectangular piece of paper that has the words standardized test written on it in big, bold, black letters. These are just some of the signs of test anxiety, all so teachers, schools, and students can be compared to one another. Standardized testing is wrong and uneducational. Some would ask why this is erroneous, when the schools get money if the students do well on these tests. This is amiss because of three simple reasons. One, standardized testing does not work. Two, standardized tests only measure a small portion of why makes education meaningful. Finally three, standardized testing causes severe stress in younger students.
In the words of Michelle Obama “If my future were determined just by my performance on a standardized test, I wouldn 't be here. I guarantee you that.” This is a woman who is doing very well for herself and is pretty high up there. She even says that standardized tests don’t really do anything for you, or your future.With that being stated we go back to how standardized testing does not work. On May 26, 2011, A National Research Council report found no evidence test-based incentive programs are working: "Despite using them for several decades, policymakers and educators do not yet know how to use test-based incentives to consistently generate positive effects on achievement and to improve education." What this means is that educators and policymakers are just shooting in the dark. They don’t have for sure test or anything of the sort that ca...

... middle of paper ... are number. Just because you didn’t understand in depth a certain subject. It makes students feel “dumb” and no one wants to feel that way just because they have a little bit of test anxiety. Students should not feel that way, no one should.
Standardized testing is non educational, causing unneeded stress, and is just not working. whoever makes the tests and whoever is enforcing students to take the tests needs to think of a better way to test things. Test all the things that make education, this includes creativity, self-esteem, what to do in situations, etc. Students should not just feel like a number or a “pass or fail.” Students need to understand that they are way more than any of those things, that they can in fact change the world. They need to believe that, they won’t learn that if they think they are just another number. It’s about time for a change.

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