Standardized Testing, Bullying and Lack of Parent Involvement Essay

Standardized Testing, Bullying and Lack of Parent Involvement Essay

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This semester in Education 101 I have learned a lot about different issues that occur in school settings. All of the issues are important but some are majorly more important than others. One is standardized testing which I can say is unfair testing because everyone learns in a different way and comprehend things differently this test caters to one style of learning. Bullying is another issue that is hard to address and hard to maintain but is very serious and takes place every day. Lack of family involvement is the one thing that matters the most because if a parent shows no interest in their children’s education the child will show no interest either. The controversial issue that occurs in school settings that I consider important are standardized testing, bullying, and lack of family involvement.
Standardized testing caters to one population of people and one style of learning. These tests are supposed to measure if you are on your grade level but can be extremely ineffective. I remember taking the SAT and them asking questions that I did not know how to solve and it was so long that it made me not want to take it. This creates a problem for students because they figure why take a test I know I am going to fail and that take hours to take. The success rate for that is very low. These tests cater to people that a tolerant enough to sit down for hour and comprehend the work in one particular way but everyone is not tolerant enough for it. Just like one of my old professor said everyone learns and comprehends and has tolerance for a lot of things but taking a test that is four hours long with work that you can’t comprehend because you don’t have enough time to think in that particular section is not fair to every stud...

... middle of paper ... is not an issue in school and try to make sure they get it so it doesn’t happen outside of school.
For lack of parent involvement as a teacher I would make sure I can get all the parents to participate in the student’s school life because whether they like it or not their parents or guardians involvement means the most. If I can’t get that to happen I will try to insure my students that they can come to me for help and if they need help with anything they can talk to me. I would show my students I care but it works better with both the teachers and parents working as a team.
Yes there are a lot of issues at hand when it comes to educating students and ensuring they have the best education they can get but as a team of teacher and parents we have to come together and do what is right to protect education and make sure that were teaching and they are learning.

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