Stand at the Crossroads Ministry Run by Deborah Lamb Reaches Out Essays

Stand at the Crossroads Ministry Run by Deborah Lamb Reaches Out Essays

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In the community, there are a lot of groups that have an impact in the Aiken area. One that has made a significant difference is Stand at the Crossroad Ministries. Stand at the Crossroads Ministry is run by Deborah Lamb, who is willing to accept people from every walk of life despite their past. Through her background, sacrifice, and acts of services, Deborah Lamb has become an asset to the community. Stand at the Crossroads is a Christian based organization created to help, encourage and give support to women on the road to recovery. Those Deborah Lamb serve face challenges from uncertain futures to destructive live styles.
Deborah Lamb can relate to the young women and the ladies that come into Stand at the Crossroads Ministry. Ms. Lamb said, “I have walked the same roads as many of the women, so I can be an encouragement to them. I can share with them, not only will one day be doing well on their own , they will be able to encouragement and help others”. Deborah Lamb said “I had a desire to help women because of the hard times I went through as a young woman raising four children on my own. If it were not for God and the people at my church, who come along side me to help, I don’t know where I would be today”.
Ms. Lamb began ministering to women years ago by having bible studies in her home. Deborah shared, “In 2000, my father gave me a big old Victorian house and told me I could do whatever I wanted with it”. So Ms. Lamb decided to open a home for women in crisis situation who were in need of a place to live, or to work on their recovery from addictions.
As with any ministry, it takes a person who to be selfless and willing to make the sacrifices that have to be made daily as Ms. Lamb does. For example, she quit a f...

... middle of paper ...

...amb to step out in faith and provide help for single women and mothers who are trying to get back on their feet. Deborah Lamb has made a difference within our community for fourteen years through Stand at the Crossroads Ministries. I have found out that Debora Lamb is very loving and helpfully toward any one that comes across her path in need of any type of help whether it is emotional or physical needs. Deborah Lamb said “In the course of fourteen years in the ministry I have seen successes and people who go back to their old life style”. She tries to be optimistic about the people who leave Stand at the Cross Roads ministry. Deborah is always there for them ever even if they are no longer living at the ministry. In meeting Ms Lamb I have had a wonderful opportunity to see someone reach out to people in need and show them there are kind people in this world.

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