Stan Le Revolutionized the Comic Book World Essay

Stan Le Revolutionized the Comic Book World Essay

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One way he influenced the comic book world was by revolutionizing the way characters behaved in his stories. Many of the characters in the older comic books were given makeovers to make the audiences like them more because they were flat and lacked emotion. This was called the Silver Age of Comics. The older characters lacked a personality. Stan Lee was an office assistant at Timely Comics in 1939 and soon after that he became an interim editor in the 1940s (Stan). When Martin Goodman, the publisher of Marvel Comics, Timely Comic’s new name, since 1939, asked Stan Lee to create a team of superheroes better than the Justice League of America, their rival in comic books, Stan Lee had his doubts. Mr. Goodman thought that comic books should be dumbed down because they were for “stupid children.” Stan Lee did not agree with Martin Goodman’s idea. Stan Lee already wanted to quit, so his wife advised him to go ahead and write the story the way he wanted to write it. If Goodman fired him it would be okay since he already was contemplating quitting. Lee decided to write a story about four people who got superpowers after an accident in space. They were completely different from other superheroes because they did not wear costumes. The story was also based in New York City instead of Metropolises or Gotham City like Superman and Batman. These characters also had a real personality along with a real job, no secret identity, or alter egos. This story was known as the Fantastic Four. It was extremely different than many other comic books. (Garcia)
In addition to, revolutionizing characters, Stan Lee made many of his comic books intricate and interesting compared to simple boring comic books in the past. His intricate comics had to do with his...

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...ever imagined that he would be so famous over comic books.
Stan Lee changed the world in many great ways. He was an iconic comic book writer that went on to change the characters in comic books, he made comics evolve from simple to intricate, and he made comic book personalities come to life when put on the television screen. Stan Lee had no doubts that comic books would still be popular even when other things are in the way. A few statistics that prove how Stan lee changed the world are first Marvel Comics took away the top spot from DC comics on the percentage of comics sold with Marvel at 39.06 percent sold and DC at 26.38 percent. Also another one is the first Marvel Comics number one was sold at 350,000 dollars (“Marvel Movies”). Stan Lee revolutionized comic books in many different ways. He will always be remembered by what he did in the entertainment world.

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