Essay on The Stamp Act Of Boston Tea Party Of 1773

Essay on The Stamp Act Of Boston Tea Party Of 1773

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Tea is an important drink in British culture today just like it was back in the year 1773. In that year there was an ongoing argument with the King of England and the people of the colonies over the taxation of things being too high. In the year of 1773 in May the King of England pasted a Tea Act causing a high taxation of tea for the colonists. This taxation caused the colonists to
protest against the King of England and cause the event known as the Boston Tea Party of 1773.
To go back to the beginning people must know about the Stamp Act of 1765. The Stamp Act was the first type of taxation on the colonies. This act was created by the British government. The Stamp Act was a taxation on things such as paper, printed documents, and other products that the colonists would buy. The Stamp Act was so the colonies could be taxed directly and taxed higher amounts of money. This Stamp Act started some annoyance in the colonies toward the King of England. Colonists started to smuggle goods so that the tax did not need to be paid.1 Men believed that this tax was unfair to the colonists b...

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