Essay about Stalin's Worldview and the Application of Communism

Essay about Stalin's Worldview and the Application of Communism

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1.0 Introduction
This essay investigates to what extent Josef Stalin’s personal and political worldviews shape and reflect his application of Communism. By examining the people that surrounded Stalin at a young age, the places where he grew up and went to school, the ideas that he latched on to, and the people and theories he believed in, his basic personality can be determined. Through the investigation of his political career, Stalin’s most fundamental political views can be assessed. All of these figures are significant in discovering in what ways Stalin applied Communism in Soviet Russia.
By looking at a number of instances in Stalin’s personal and political life, as well as the show trials that took place during his rule, the reasoning behind Stalin’s ideologies can be deciphered and analyzed to better understand the history of Communism in Russia as well as the history of Stalin’s rule. This essay aims to analyze the policies Stalin implemented during his rule including the New Economic Policy, purges, and the show trials and relate them to the way he grew up and developed his political and personal views. It discusses Stalin’ personal life as a child, a young adult, a husband, an underestimated Party Member, and finally a ruler. The essay also describes Stalin’s rise to power as well as his political beliefs. To many, Stalin is just another malicious and evil ruler that rose to power because of circumstance and timing. To others, like revisionists, Stalin became the dictator of Soviet Russia through chance, and that he had no real ideals or goals for the State. This essay will be taking a deeper look into the life of Josef Stalin in order to determine what parts of his personality and political character developed his appli...

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