Stalin 's Influence On The Soviet Union Essay

Stalin 's Influence On The Soviet Union Essay

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Part II (Question 2/Influence of Stalin)
Joseph Stalin was one of the most horrific leaders in the history of Russia. Stalin was responsible for the murder of millions of Russians, using fear as a means of leadership. Claiming he was a leader who ruled for the people, his actions proves otherwise. Under Stalin, the Soviet Union would transform in many ways, namely into an industrial and military superpower. Stalin truly wanted to see an end to peasantry and build a new modern-Russia.
Following the death of Lenin, Stalin emerged as the new leader of Russia. Stalin’s desire was to put in place a global communist society, one in which he was the dictator and leader. Stalin put his most trusted associates in positions of power to help ensure that he maintained his control. He had books rewritten, cities renamed, all in an effort to boost his role in Soviet history. If leaders opposed or upset Stalin, he would simply have them killed. Socially, the population of Russia had a positive view of Stalin. Through the state-led media, Stalin would spread propaganda and boast how he was trying to help the citizens. Stalin made it appear as if he was not responsible for the widespread death and poverty occurring throughout the state.
One of Stalin’s first economic actions was the implementation of the ‘Five Year Plan’, which included industrialization and collectivization. Stalin forced peasants from their farms and into labor and government-led collectivization programs. Deportation or death was the consequence of resistance. Stalin had millions of non-cooperative or rich peasants killed or deported to the various gulags throughout the Soviet Union. Additionally, the individuals sent to the gulags, usually under false convictions, provide...

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...States has become dependent on other nations to reach the International Space Stations. One of these nations includes Russia. Joint space operations with Russia will ensure that cooperation between the two nations remains active in some manner. The two nations are dependent on one another for the success of operations onboard International Space Station. (Bambury 2014)
Economic cooperation is critical, despite the increasing levels of sanctions against Russia. As it relates to space, United States aerospace companies rely on Russian rockets for domestic space programs. Sanctions should not affect one of the few remaining areas that the United States and Russia are actually willing to engage in. The rockets that are shipped from Russia offer United States aerospace firms with an alternative, which otherwise would take years and cost millions to develop. (Bodner 2014)

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