Stalin And Stalin 's Theory Of Government Control Over Industry And Agriculture

Stalin And Stalin 's Theory Of Government Control Over Industry And Agriculture

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Some say that Stalinism can be said to be a continuation and development for Leninism. Stalin pulled his regime away from the that could be a continuation from Leninism would be the idea of government control over industry and agriculture. This could also relate to the idea of taking control over the working class and the workers. One idea that stayed the same would be the economic policy. Although Stalin did stray a little far from the New Economic Policy, he did use the idea temporary. Another feature common to both Stalin and Lenin was their attempts to eliminate any democratic or representative forms of government. Lenin and Stalin’s suppressions weren’t just to the non-communists. Both worked to eliminate any possible dissention within their party. Anotheprogressive and democratic nature of Lenin 's rule and pulled it towards a dictatorship that seemingly served his self-interest. Stalin 's policy of socialism in one country, his use of terror to eliminate opposition, and his suppression of democracy and the soviets were all characteristics of Lenin well before they were characteristic of Stalin. With the use of terror can be considered the purges, both Lenin and Stalin used the idea of terror and purges in order to make their government better, by weeding out people they believed to be corrupt. Another idea r thing that was a bridge between Leninism and Stalinism is patriotism, the loyalty to the working class.
Stalin and Lenin had similar ideas, but they do differ in the ways of their ultimate goals and the methods that they take. Both Lenin and Stalin both had the intention of communism on their own way. Lenin and Stalin used the element of terror, but what was different was that Stalin used terror against his own party;...

... middle of paper ... Stalin had put into place. Brezhnev did use the idea of détente which to reduce tension, using a trigger. With that he had regular meeting between the US and the USSR, making sure that the communications are always open. With the regular negotiations it will reduce the number of nuclear weapons.
Brezhnev believed that he was justified in harsh repression and that they had to do it. The Soviet Union had to deal with strikes after Stalin. They had to identify who the leaders were and separate the good with the bad, firing the workers who started the strike. Then they gave the people exactly what they wanted. The strategy that Brezhnev had to deal with from the workers was the strategy to outright fight but to demand a little at a time. They used the idea of not challenging the government, while basically living a life of doing what you want as if you were free.

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