Stakeholders And Planning And Development Of The Project Manager Essay

Stakeholders And Planning And Development Of The Project Manager Essay

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Stakeholders: Stakeholder involvement, communications, etc.
Stakeholders were not identified and involved into planning and development of the project. To begin with, the top management, the internal stakeholder, was not knowledgeable about all the steps of the new system implementation. CIO assumed that the process should go smoothly since it consists only of software installation and employee training. However, more that these two steps supposed to be carried out in order to get the system up and running. Trying to accomplish his task fast, the project manager did not pay appropriate attention to researching and creating the complete list of commands that produced receipts. Both he and the vice president of service, who helped him creating the list, did not consider any other stakeholders except tellers. As a result, accounting, real estate, and collection department did not have a chance to contribute to the project and assist with the list of commands needed for their use. Such attitude resulted in incompleteness of the total commands provided to their vendor, Techsource, who discovered such mistake only at the implementation stage. Moreover, the project manager also did not coordinate with Vendor about upcoming updates for their host system that brought even more confusion to Techsource since they supposed to adjust all the commands again to work with new receipt formats. Throughout the implementation stage of the project another stakeholders were affected. Testing mode for laser printers slowed down the work of the tellers; consequently, such situation led to dissatisfaction of the bank customers. The tellers and other employees of the A-bank were also disappointed in the system because it faced numerous problems and undermi...

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... Finally, the project manager also did not set the milestones in order to track the project progress and control that all the steps are carried out properly and on time. Because of those numerous deficiencies the project felt behind.
Planned to be the biggest cost saver and efficiency feature, the receipt imaging project turned out to be the disappointment and the failure for A-Bank. It is hard to distinguish the major drawback of the entire project, since almost everything was set for failure from the beginning, starting with insufficient planning and incomplete project scope and finishing with going far over the budget and time. Even though A-Bank implemented this system under supervision of the new project manager, it cost to A-Bank not only lost the time and money but also its position of risk taker and one of first implementers of new technologies.

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