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Stakeholder Communication, Project Management Essay examples

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This report has been prepared to analyse stakeholder communication, Project Management Information Systems (PMIS), the project life cycle, project integration management, project monitoring and change control and the project closure process. This may help the reader to understand and apply these examples to similar project environments.
The report will identify and discuss processes and examples of project management techniques. The content provides diagrams and tables prepared from tools in the project management field.
The report ends with conclusions and recommendations for the project team and management.
2. Project background
The reputation of Queensland Rail is based on the safety of its network. Customers will not travel on the network or consign freight if they consider the network dangerous.
The Bridge Splay and Guard Rail project aims to ensure 26 non-compliant bridges conform to Civil Engineering Track Standards (CETS). The project will ensure these bridges will comply with CETS through the installation of splay and guard rails.
Splay and guard rails are installed before bridges and on overpasses to prevent damage to the bridge structures to prevent derailed trains from hanging off the sides of a bridge. They are designed to realign a derailed train with the splay rails effectively forcing the derailed wheels back onto the rails. This guides the wheels parallel to the running rails along the length of the bridge.
This project was developed in accordance with the SEQ Derailment Risk Mitigation Strategy prepared for the Network Executive General Manager (EGM).  
3. Stakeholder communications management
Stakeholders are described as individuals or groups who will be impacted by, or can influence the success or fail...

... middle of paper ...

...e source of communications. The Operations function only require to be kept informed in the event of impacts to their area. The Corporate function are informed of the activities with the exception of project closure, as they are involved in financial close off of the project, asset disposal and asset transfer activities.
Communications were reliable for the project, however electronic distribution relied heavily on email and slowed the flow of information. An integrated system could have offered more effective sharing of information and immediate notification of changes, rather than relying on the project team or stakeholders distributing via email.
The Network function are the sponsor and ultimate asset manager for this project, as well as supplying resources. This minimised competing interests and negative influences and helped the project meet deadlines.

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