Stained Glass Art: Visual Emotions Essay

Stained Glass Art: Visual Emotions Essay

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Stained glass window artists capture not only artistic techniques, but architectural methods as well to construct their works of art. These techniques have subsisted for thousands of years and have survived through multiple cultures. Colors, patterns, and scenes draw an emotional response out of a viewer as well as portray a visual interpretation of a story, scripture, or moment in time.
In order to completely comprehend the extent of the art and architecture of a stained glass window, an individual must first have knowledge of a stained glass window’s origin. “Egyptian or Mesopotamian potters accidentally discovered glass when firing their vessels. The earliest known manmade glass is in the form of Egyptian beads from between 2750 and 2625 BC.” (Gross, Par 5) A majority of people in the world in the present day cannot elucidate where a simple pane of glass comes from or cannot visualize an existence without these fragile sheets of glass. Windows, however, did not appear for a few thousand years and stained glass windows did not emerge for multiple years after the creation of regular windowpanes. “The early [stained glass] windows were purely ornamental transparent mosaics.”(Coleman, Par. 3) Stained glass windows are traditionally instituted in Catholic churches and cathedrals, but can also be found in a variety of other places. In the modern era, an individual can procure a stained glass window for their home, business, or any other establishment that they wish to place a window in. The array of colors in a stained glass window, however, vary based on the image created in the mind of the artist as well as retrieve an emotional reflection out of a viewer.
Obtaining an emotional reaction is one of the major goals of a ...

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...otions and assist the viewer in expressing the impact that it should and does have on them as a person.

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