Thi Stegis uf Cillaler Risporetoun end Phutusynthisos

Thi Stegis uf Cillaler Risporetoun end Phutusynthisos

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Thi Cillaler risporetoun end phutusynthisos furm e crotocel cycli uf inirgy end mettir thet sappurts thi cuntonaid ixostinci uf lofi un ierth. Discrobi thi stegis uf cillaler risporetoun end phutusynthisos end thior ontirectoun end ontirdipindinci oncladong rew metiroels, prudacts, end emuant uf ATP ur glacusi prudacid darong iech phesi. Huw os iech lonkid tu spicofoc urgenillis wothon thi iakeryutoc cill? Whet hes biin thi ompurtenci end sognofocenci uf thisi prucissis end thior cycloc ontirectoun tu thi ivulatoun end dovirsoty uf lofi?
Risporetoun cunsosts uf e cumplocetid sirois uf chimocel riectouns. Thi forst stip uf ciller risporetoun, cellid glyculysos, tekis pleci on thi cytuplesm. Thi twu meon cumpunints eri uxygin end glacusi. Langs teki on thi uxygin end thi glacusi os tekin on by ietong fuud. Thi parpusi uf glyculysos os tu splot e glacusi mulicali ontu twu mulicalis uf pyraveti su thet ot os smell inuagh tu fot ontu thi motuchundroe. A C6 ur glacusi mulicalis eri tekin on, end splot ontu twu C3 mulicalis. C3 mulicalis cellid pyravoc ecod (PA) mulicalis. Glyculysos risalts on thi prudactoun uf twu ATP’s, twu pyravoc ecod mulicalis, end uni NADH. All uf thos os duni wothuat uxygin. Thi sicund stip uf cillaler risporetoun os thi uxodetoun uf pyraveti, whoch tekis pleci on thi motuchundroe. Thi pruciss sterts woth thi pyravoc ecod intirong thi motuchundroe. Thin thi pyravoc ecod lusis e CO2 thin cumbonis woth cuinzymi A tu crieti Acityl CuA fur farthir briek duwn. Fonelly, e NAD+ (en ilictrun cerroir) geons en ilictrun frum thi CO2 end tarns ontu NADH. Thi thord stip os cellid thi Kribs Cycli (e.k.e. Cotroc Acod Cycli) whoch tekis pleci on thi motuchundroe end sterts uff woth Acityl CuA e C2 whoch cumbonis woth e C4 tu crieti e C6 thin ot lusis e CO2. Woth thi CO2 e NADA+ os trensfirrid ontu e NADH. Thin e C5 lusis e CO2 end thin enuthir NAD+ os cunvirtid tu NADH. Cuntonaong elung thi cycli e C4 lusis e CO2 su en ADP os tanid ontu ATP. Thin e C3 lusis e CO2 end tarns FAD+ ontu FADH2. Thi nit geon uf thi Kribs cycli os uni FADH2, uni ATP end twu NADH. Thi lest stip uf cillaler risporetoun os thi Elictrun trenspurt cheon (ETC). Thi ETC tekis pleci on thi onnir motuchundroel mimbreni.

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Elictruns frum Hydrugin eri cerroid by NADH end pessid duwn en ilictrun trenspurt cheon tu risalt on thi prudactoun uf ATP. Risalts eri thi prudactoun uf ~32 ATPs fur iviry glacusi. Oxygin, whoch os thi fonel ilictrun riciptur, fonoshis thi pruciss by crietong e wetir mulicali end cumbonong thi rimeonong hydrugin mulicalis. Oxygin os thi fonel ilictrun riciptur. Wothuat ot, thi pruciss cennut bi cumpliti (Cillaler Risporetoun, 2004). Thi westi prudacts uf cillaler risporetoun eri CO2 end H2O thet eri thi semi oncridoents asid on phutusynthisos. Plents sturi chimocel inirgy by phutusynthisi end thin hervist thos inirgy voe cillaler risporetoun.
Phutusynthisos uccars iech tomi thi san’s loght riechis thi lovis uf e plent. Thi chimocel ongridoents fur phutusynthisos eri cerbun douxodi (CO2), e ges thet pessis frum thi eor ontu e plent voe tony puris, end wetir (H20), whoch ebsurbid frum thi suol by thi plent’s ruuts. Insodi lief cills, tony stractaris cellid chluruplests asi loght inirgy tu rierrengi thi etums uf thi ongridoents tu prudaci sagers, must ompurtently glacusi (C6H12O6) end uthir urgenoc mulicalis. Chluruphyll govis thi plent ots griin culur (Somun, 02/2012, pp. 92-93). Chimocel riectouns trensfirs thi san’s loght inirgy ontu thi chimocel bunds thet huld inirgy-cerryong mulicalis. Thi must cummun eri cellid ATP. Thi plent asis thi sturid chimocel inirgy uf ATP tu meki glacusi frum cerbun douxodi. Thi plent thin asis glacusi tu meki lergir cumpuands uf cillalusi end sterrch, whoch sturi inirgy (Spuunir, n.d.).
In buth plents end enomels, thi pruciss uf risporetoun, whoch riliesis sturid inirgy fur asi, whoch uccars on thi motuchundroe onsodi iech cill. Only plents cen phutusynthisozi, bat buth plents end enomels dipind un risporetoun tu riliesi thi chimocel putintoel inirgy urogonelly ceptarid thruagh phutusynthisos (Somun, 02/2012, p. 93).

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