Essay about The Stage Manager For The Play By Joe Crowell Jr. And Dr. Gibbs

Essay about The Stage Manager For The Play By Joe Crowell Jr. And Dr. Gibbs

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Initially going into reading this play, I thought it would just be a traditional telling of the environment, setting, and little information about our protagonist. However, I seemed a little odd that the setting was just describing the scenery of the play itself with curtains and we are introduced to the stage manager for the play. The Stage Manager explains significant parts within the play like, scenery, landmarks, and certain objects. Few pages in, we’re finally introduced to two actual character in the play itself. Joe Crowell Jr. and Dr. Gibbs are the characters we are introduced to. As explained by the Stage Manager, Crowell was a college graduate from Massachusetts Tech. However, there was “the war” came to France. This war being World War I. Crowell died within that war. The Stage Manager puts his life into such gruesome tone. “All that education for nothing.” Now, I agree that war is a terrible thing. Just the way that phrase is put, it seems so terrible. He’s basically saying Crowell’s life was a waste because he did not get the chance to do anything with it. It’s a little sad.

(2.) 7/10/2015- According to the Stage Manager, “Our Town” takes place in Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. For part of Act 1, we are introduced to Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webbs. We see them in their gardens. They were basically have a conversation on Mrs. Gibbs “little” dilema. She was offered three hundred and fifty dollars worth for a piece a furniture called highboy. She says she always wanted to go to Paris, France. However, Dr.Gibbs is anxious about that idea of her going there in the middle of a war, which is understandable. However, this little piece of information tells us a little about the relationship between Dr. Gibbs and Mrs. Gibbs. Dr...

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...came into play with the dead souls and funeral, I felt that the story really went dark. I also feel like the story went in like a human life cycle. The pattern could of been like living life, love, and death. Act 3 was exciting, not because of reading it, but because these little theories about themes and symbols to come up with. With that said, I did not fully enjoy this book. I only enjoyed it starting at Act 3. Honestly, I could not think of anyway to make the other acts more engaging. I feel like if in Act 1 was able to provide a little more in depth discussion about Dr. Gibbs and Mrs. Gibbs, it could of help come up with an interesting debate. I think my thinking experience has changed a little bit because of how I was able to come up with ideas about the theme of the plays. Actually, reading the book was not as fun as coming up with possible ideas or theories.

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