Essay on 21st Century View of Death, through the Eyes of Emily Dickinson

Essay on 21st Century View of Death, through the Eyes of Emily Dickinson

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Throughout Emily Dickinson’s life she has created an array of poems. Although many of the poems that she had written were not published till after she was dead; ironically, many of her poems revolve around the subject of death. The two poems that are being examined and represent the idea, theme, and observations revolving around death. Many writers try to understand if Dickinson was exacerbated, excited or curios about the states, myths, and deplores that surround the stigma of about death. In read several articles about the concept of death to miss Dickinson; many people wanted to know why she has written many poems revolving the subject of death. Many reviewed Dickinson’s written poems of a way of spiritual finding, meaning of life, to express herself, and to be at peace. Many that review the life of Emily Dickinson talk about her poetry as something that she has published for the masses but many of her works were supposed to be burnt by her sister.
Emily Dickinson's poems reveals that death is her principal subject; in fact, because the topic is related to many of her other concerns, it is difficult to say how many of her poems concentrate on death. But over half of them and about a third centrally, feature the subject of death. Most of these poems also touch on the subject of religion, although she did write about religion without mentioning death. Life in a small New England town in Dickinson's time contained a high mortality rate for young people; as a result, there were frequent deaths around her. Coupled with Dickinson’s already pre-existing obsession with death, as well as her peculiar behavior towards the world, her agony over her lack of romantic love, and her doubts about fulfillment beyond the grave. Centuries ago, ...

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...lso used poetry as a way to deal with death, in her spiritual, and physical life to help her find peace. (Ford P.227)
Both poems are very similar and represent an idea of searching for what death is and means, in a world of silence and stillness. Both poems try to be inconclusive and call to question what death is? Although many writers try to dive into the mind of Dickinson the way that she leaves so many ideas and room to explore, the poems are a great way to look at death itself

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