21st Century Teaching and Learning Culture Essay

21st Century Teaching and Learning Culture Essay

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For reforming a school culture, it is important to point out the characteristics that the superintendent would like the principal to address in order to create a 21st century teaching and learning culture. From the description of the superintendent, first, the students in this high school have limited goals, objectives, and aspirations. Second, it seems that there are a lot of full-time teachers and they teach until they retired. Third, there is a high rate of single mothers need assistance in living their life differently. Finally, there is also a high rate of drug dealing and other practices of criminal behaviors in this district. So, understanding the school needs would help a principal to create a suitable teaching and learning culture.
To create a 21st century teaching and learning culture in this urban high school, it is vital to set a clear vision and goals. As a school principal for this high school, my vision is to improve students’ academic performance through establishing a collaborative environment in which all school staff, students, their families, and community members enjoy working together. Moreover, the school goals would mainly concentrate on creating an outstanding classroom’s environment, assisting teachers who have been teaching for a long time to integrate any new policies or changes, assisting students’ parents, especially single mothers to get involved within the school culture, educating students about the dangers of drug dealing and crime issues in the district, and overall establishing an environment that is full of trust and collaboration.
First of all, providing an exciting classroom environment can assist students learn and improve their academic achievement. According to Dörnyei (2007), “One of the...

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