Sql Server 2016 For Memory Oltp Essay example

Sql Server 2016 For Memory Oltp Essay example

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SQL server 2016 In-memory OLTP:

In SQL Server 2014 Microsoft introduced a revolutionary tool called In-Memory OLTP. In SQL server 2016 this is even better. This feature allows users to keep data into memory resident tables(memory optimized) and user may not be aware that he/she is working with memory optimized tables rather than disk space tables . SQL server engine works in different way if data is stored in memory optimized tables. It is not needed to read the pages into cache from the disk when memory optimized data are accessed. However few check point files are created in disk for recovery purpose. It improves concurrency. There are no locks acquired for memory optimized tables, hence no waiting. However there is a waiting to write logs at the end of a transaction. There won’t be any waits for reading data from disk, and no waits for locks on data rows. This feature also allows compiling store procedures natively (Note: natively compiled stored procedures cannot reference disk-based tables and can only access memory-optimized tables).

Implementation Scenario Pattern Characteristics and Challenge Main Benefits of In-Memory OLTP
High Insertion Rate append-only store Contention is eliminated.
Incapability to ingest write workload I/O logging is minimized.
Read Performance and Scale High performance read operations Contention is eliminated.
Unable to satisfy scale-up requirements Efficient data retrieval.
Code execution time is Minimize.
CPU efficiency for scale
Heavy Data Processing Insert/Update/Delete workload Contention is eliminated
Heavy computation inside database Code execution time is Minimize.
Read and write contention Efficient data processing
Low Latency Require low latency business transactions th...

... middle of paper ...

application and the Oracle database when a dedicated oracle database already exist.

Comparison between TimesTen and SQL server 2016
Feature TimesTen SQL Server 2016
SQL language Supports most of PL/SQL InterOp supports most OLTP
Native compile No Yes
Lock-based Yes; row, table, database
locks; choose at
connection level No. Uses optimistic
concurrency control
Integration integration with
Oracle Database Fully integrated with SQL
Durability At database level
(permanent and
temporary database) 2 TB of durable memory
optimized tables in the

Comparison between Oracle 12c and SQL Server 2016:
Feature Oracle 12C SQL Server 2016
Persistence of Columnstore No Yes
Aggregate pushdown Yes Yes
Query on secondary replica No Yes
Materialized views with Columnstore Yes No
Integration with in-memory OLTP No Yes
Batch processing No Yes
Integration with R Yes Yes

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