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Spring Valley High School Program Essay

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Spring Valley High School is named one of America’s most academically challenging high schools by Washington Post. Of the roughly 23,000 eligible U.S. high schools, approximately 10% qualified for this recognition. Spring Valley is one of only 20 South Carolina schools to make the list. With 23 Advanced Placement courses, Spring Valley’s AP program is one of the most comprehensive in the state of South Carolina. Spring Valley High School launched “The Discovery Magnet Program” in 1995, which is designed for talented students and focuses on science and math. These courses are honor level and required for all members of the Discovery Program. In the program, all discovery members are required to complete two college-level research projects during their sophomore and junior year. The completion of at least four AP courses (one math, one science, two others) is required for graduation from the discovery program. In addition to the Discovery Program, there is “The Explorations Program”, which is the sister program to Discovery. The program focuses on math and science, and is a college-preparatory program, as opposed to an honors program.
Spring Valley High School teachers were under increasing pressure to improve standardized test scores. Mathematics teachers were feeling this pressure in the school as math scores were an important part of the standardized tests. Mathematics teacher Robert Short was one of them, and more recently, he was trying to make sure he captures full attention of the students so he can keep up with the curriculum and in the hopes that his endeavors will lead to better math scores. His colleagues often stated that Mr. Short should be teaching in discover program as he was a good math teacher. Mr. Short was not tr...

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...was arrested and exposed to disproportioned use of power because she was an African-American. However, given the situation it was hard to publicly announce his thoughts.
Sheriff Kott was now in his office. There was another press conference scheduled in an hour for him to appear before reporters. He looked outside the window. He took a deep breath and sighed. He was not happy to see the flock of reporter vans stationed just outside the building. He didn’t think this incident was a big deal when it was brought to his attention in the day of the incident. It was, now, a matter of race in a public school and more importantly, a problem in his department. He had to make a decision; a decision that is just and defendable. He sat down in his chair and looked at the quote on the wall that said “The wicked flee when no man pursues them but the righteous are bold as a lion”.

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