Essay about Spread of United States Culture through Technology

Essay about Spread of United States Culture through Technology

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In today's society, the way in which information is spread drastically differs from that of yesterday, especially in different parts of the world - more specifically, the Commonwealth of Nations.

As the United States continues to dominate almost every aspect of the world, including culture, many different nations scurry to keep up with them, sometimes adopting an identity which is in great contrast to their own, and in many cases, shadow their own identity as a whole. With the ever-advancing technology, the spreading of U.S. culture seems to be easier, and this has many countries worried. Hence, a reason - or need - to censor what enters the country via print, airwaves or Internet.

In "Global Communications of the Twenty-first Century," a Hungarian novelist gives his depiction of what he think American culture entails:
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As an American I'll have a credit card. Or two. I'll use and misuse them and have to pay the fees ... And I'll buy the best dishwasher, microwave, dryer and hi-fi in the world - that is, the U.S.A. I'll have warranty for all - or my money back. I'll use automatic toothbrushes, egg boilers and garage doors. I'll call every single phone number starting with 1-800 ... I'll buy a new TV every time a larger screen appears on the market ... My life won't differ from the lives you can see in soaps: nobody will complain. I won't complain either. I'll always smile (Stevenson 45).

This is an example of the stereotype that other nations have about the United States. Such behavior may seem all right to Americans, but to other countries, it may be viewed as shallow, hence the need to censor what comes over the airwaves in an attempt to preserve their own culture.

Most U.S. television shows...

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All in all, media is censored to some degree everywhere in the world. In the United States there can be a show about a dysfunctional family, where the father has a drinking problem and spews racial slurs, but heaven forbid the kids see a show about an honest, decent relationship between two lesbians. America may be advanced in terms of technology, but in terms of acceptance it is just as far behind media wise as many other countries, including the Commonwealth of Nations.
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