Sports/Athletics and Historical Events of the 1990’s Essay

Sports/Athletics and Historical Events of the 1990’s Essay

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I am doing my essay over Sports/Athletics and historical events of the 1990’s because for one I am really interested in sports and I also chose historic events because I think it’s good to know things that was really important that happened in the past. The main thing that I will be focusing on about sports and athletics would be about the 1992 dream team and the top NFL teams during the 1990’s. For the historic events I will be focusing mainly on the Hubble Telescope and what it has done for the United States and John Glenn the first astronaut to orbit the earth and why it has been a major historic event in the United States. The first thing that I will talk about during my essay will be the 1992 Men’s basketball Dream team. Then I will go into talking about the top NFL teams during the 1990’s. After I have talked about all of the different sports topics of the 1990’s I will start telling you about some of the Historical Events that happened during the 1990’s like the Hubble telescope and the first man in space and why them things where important.
In 1992 the head coach Chuck Daly and his team Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson Larry Bird Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Chris Mullin and Clyde Drexler also John Stockton and Christian Laettner the best college player of 1991-1992 and a future NBA All Star. The 1992 games where held in Barcelona and after beating all 8 opponents by an average of 44 points more than every other team they played against. The final team they played against for the gold medal was Croatia with the final score of the game 117-85 beating Croatia on August 8, 1992 to bring home the gold medal. None of the teams that the dream team went against expected to even win but...

... middle of paper ... because on April 19, 1993 there was a standoff between the FBI and Branch Davidian cult led by David Koresh at the Davidian compound in Waco, Texas ended in a fiery tragedy. When the FBI tried to end the standoff by gassing the building, then the entire compound went up in fire that destroyed the lives of 75 followers, including multiple children. The death toll was high and many people blamed the U.S. government for the tragedy. One such person was Timothy McVeigh.

After researching all of these different things I have learned and discovered many things that I never knew about and wouldn’t of known about if I didn’t bother to do this essay. It’s good to know things that you never knew about because you’ll never know if you needed to know these things throughout your life and it can only be good to know them because it couldn’t hurt you if you didn’t know them.

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