Essay on Sports Vs. High School Sports

Essay on Sports Vs. High School Sports

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Sports give influential learning experiences from practices and games that tend to stay with people for a very long time. Studies now show that people who have participated in high school sports and were on the varsity team spend more time giving back to the community and to charities. Research also shows that they often get better jobs and earn more money. When an athlete is interviewed for a job, more is expected out of him or her. Hiring managers expect to see more leadership skills and self-confidence. Past studies show that these expectations of student athletes are accurate. If schools were to down-play sports, it would be much harder for families with low income to give their child the choice, or chance, to play organized sports. This would also affect how they are later rewarded in the workplace. Sports clearly show improvement to the students’ character, and the best way to keep this going is by keeping sports easily available in high schools for students. This article shows that student athletes get better jobs, tend to give back to the community more, and help low income families afford organized sports. The author, Amanda Ripley, has written articles for both The Atlantic, and The Wall Street Journal. Ripley’s most recent book, The Smartest Kids in the World – and How They Got That Way, was a New York Times bestseller. This information will be very useful for my paragraph about sports helping out the community, and also increasing their chances to go to college.

Students that tend to play sports have better grades and lower dropout rates. Studies also show athletes are more likely to turn in homework. This article also states student athletes have a higher chance of attending college. Students that participate in...

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...Fit in 50 years is an article about a test that was ran in the 1940s. 50 years later, in 2000, those same people that were tested were tested again. The results showed that people that played a varsity sport in high school were more likely to be more physically active later in life. This study shows that encouraging physical activities when someone is younger will make them more likely to be healthier when they get older. Keeping sports easily available in schools is the best way to make sure the most people will stay active and healthy as possible. The author, Simone Dohle, has written many articles about health behavior change and other topics. She also has achieved her PhD from the University of Cologne. The information in this article will be most useful in my paragraph about sports increasing how healthy your are now, and also in the future.

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