Essay about The Sports Union 's Fiftieth Anniversary

Essay about The Sports Union 's Fiftieth Anniversary

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November 25th, 1892 marked the Athletic Sports Union’s fiftieth anniversary. On this date, at a French theatre in the town of Sorbonne, Pierre de Coubertin proposed the idea of bringing the Olympic games back. On June 16th, 1894, 2 years later in the same town, it was decided that they would announce the Olympics’ return. Finally, 2 years later in 1896, the first Modern Olympics was held. One of the reasons Pierre de Coubertin wanted to bring the games back as because of the legacy that the games hold (Callebat, 1).
In 1894, de Coubertin wrote that, “The new Olympic Games will be modern, very modern,” and, “There will be no question of wearing pink tunics to run in a cardboard stadium.... No tripods or incense; these beautiful things are dead, and dead things are never resurrected. Only the idea can live again, adapted to the needs and taste of the age....” about what he had planned for the revival of the games. It was decided that although the ancient games would be remembered and the modern games would take ideas from them, the modern Olympics would still need to be changed enough to fit with the new time period (Callebat, 4).
Pierre de Coubertin aimed for the games to unite the subjects of internationalism and national individuality together. He stated that, "To create national strength by athletic training, and to create international harmony by means of athletic competition--I believe that these words sum the whole task that I am trying to accomplish (Callebat, 5).” De Coubertin used the word “festival” to describe the games. He stated that the Olympic games would be a festival of life, youth, and strength (Callebat, 6).
On December 10th, 1893, the Prime Minister of Greece, Trikoupis, went to parliament and stated that the c...

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...order to show equality, and every ring is a different color. The colors of the rings from left to right are blue, yellow, black, green, and red, with a white background. These six colors were chosen because every country that participates in the games has at least one of the six colors in its flag. In the poster there would also be an image of a chariot to symbolize victory and the history of the games (Lang, 1).
The 1936 Olympics was held in Berlin, Germany, right about the time that Adolf Hitler came into German power. Hitler strongly believed that the Aryan race was superior, and used the images on Olympic posters to get people to follow his belief. He said that since the men on the posters for the games were of the Aryan race, that meant that the ancient Greeks also believed that the Aryan race was superior, and all of the athletes in the games would be white.

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