Sports Teams Brought Down America 's Schools

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Have sports teams brought down America’s schools? Would grades skyrocket if sports were removed from schools? Or would they plummet to the ground? According to the article, “Have Sports Teams Brought Down America’s Schools” by Elizabeth Kolbert we’d be better off leaving sports separate from our schools. Millions of students across the U.S. are involved in some type of sport through their school. Many school’s require a C average to even participate. So, without sports would those kids who only keep grades up for sports, fall? Or would American kids realize the importance of education instead of sports and put in more effort? Kolbert discusses the distraction side of sports involvement in school and the different views of academics and sports to parents. Although sports offer a number of life skills, it can take away from student study time. So are sports a distraction or a motivator for kids to do better in school? Many Americans assume that as students, or even parents of students we’re all on the same page that an education is more important than athletics. That is not always the case. Kolbert discusses this in the article, “When she said that the math program was weak, none of the parents taking the tour reacted.When she said that the football program was weak, the parents suddenly became concerned.“Really?” one of them asked worriedly.“What do you mean?”” Parents are paying for their kids to go to school and get an education, but they view it as going to school to participate in sports and get an ‘okay’ education along the way. Throughout, Kolbert argues that sports are praised more than grades, and I agree because it is shown daily in the hallways of any high school. Athletes at times only worried about a bad grade because ... ... middle of paper ... ...We treat sports and school so differently, but as Americans, we have grown up in the love of cheering on our high school sport teams. It’s unimaginable to live without it. Are we getting school and sports confused? Can both be put on in the same environment or is this too much? One the one hand, I agree that sports in school are a part of what create the American culture. But on the other hand, I still insist that we get our priorities straight on which should come first. It is important that we realize that true care must be put into grades before student lose track of what will carry them in life. Not everyone will need every educational fact, but at the same time sports won’t be useful in the future to over half of the athlete population. The sooner we find a compromise to balance this, the better. Love your sport, but keep your priorities and common sense first.

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