Sports : Sports And Other People Watch And Cheer Essay

Sports : Sports And Other People Watch And Cheer Essay

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All around the world people play sports and other people watch and cheer. Sport spectating can be everything from watching a local team at the local field to watching a championship match on live TV. Every four years Americans watch the Olympics and cheer for team USA, and some Americans watch the World Cup, most wondering what the big deal is, but America has taken the sports celebration to the next level. In the United States, there is no greater celebration than that of the Superbowl, which has gone beyond the realm of a simple championship game and become a day-long celebration of America in general.
Americans plan for weeks or even months what they are going to do and where they are going to go for the game. Some Americans prefer to go out to one of the many local establishments that will broadcast the game for their customers. Local restaurateurs will go to great lengths to attract clientele to their establishment for the game. By creating food and drink specials, placing advertisements, and decorating every square inch of their restaurant, owners attempt to give their custome...

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