Sports Psychology : Sports, Athletic Performance, Exercise, And Physical Activity

Sports Psychology : Sports, Athletic Performance, Exercise, And Physical Activity

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Many people believe that the process of Sports Psychology is not a valuable investment and athletes will never truly benefit from the help of a sports psychologist. In modern society, sports are considered a form of entertainment; therefore, the field of sports psychology is often condemned. However, for many, sports psychology is a necessary branch of mental health and there are numerous ways that athletes can benefit from this continuously growing field of psychology. Some people may ask, “What is Sports Psychology?” Well, Sports Psychology is the study of how psychology influences sports, athletic performance, exercise, and physical activity (Cherry, 2015). Sports Psychology is designed to help struggling athletes, whether they are professionals or amateurs, mentally and physically. It is used to enhance their performance, cope with the pressure of competition, recover from an injury mentally, and most importantly enjoy the sports they are in (American Psychological Association, 2015). The process of Sports Psychology begins with various symptoms and causes that lead to precise treatments by sports psychologists to help the athletes recover and be able to return to their sports and succeed again. Sports Psychology is very important and “can help athletes… achieve their goals” (American Psychological Association, 2015) unlike many people assume.
There are many symptoms that can be displayed by athletes to lead them to be treated by a sports psychologist. These symptoms vary from athlete to athlete due to the different perspectives they have in their specific situations and sports. Sports psychologists can help when athletes show they are having difficulty focusing during competition, communicating with teammates, choking during...

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... tools around them provided by Sports Psychology.
An investment into Sports Psychology may be one of the most vital decisions an athlete or coach may make. It is the difference between succeeding at the highest level possible, or failing to treat the problem one may be experiencing and spiral to a point of disaster. There are countless ways this field has been designed to assist athletes and get them to the highest point of competition they are able to perform at. The possibilities are endlessly growing and they are never going to cease to advance and improve from here. Sports Psychology is the backbone of an athlete’s mental health and is more important to the performance than the physical aspect of it. Sports Psychology is major in the sports world and results in performances going above and beyond what the patient ever thought he or she was capable of achieving.

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