Sports in The United Arab Emirates Essay examples

Sports in The United Arab Emirates Essay examples

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The UAE is a Muslim-Arab nation that grew up and flourished so well and in such a short time, it’s almost unbelievable. UAE has always had a sense of belonging which has deepened through sufferings, foreign invasion and every other kind of obstacle that has been put forward for them. No matter what happened in the past, the people of Emirates have not forgotten their national duties, culture, traditions and morals.
In order for us to understand UAE and its culture and traditions, we should keep an open mind and understand the historical events which influenced the people and their lifestyle.
Customs and traditions are passed on from parents to children and in the long run they are inherited by the future generations. The people of UAE are known for their generosity, bravery and friendliness. They have a great legacy which they are still proud of, despite the rapid and tremendous transformation and development that is currently taking place in the society. The Emirates has also adopted some of the various customs and traditions brought into their country by expatriates from all over the world. Although the UAE has become a multicultural society, they are still proud of the great heritage of their forefathers.
From a long list of traditions and cultures there are a few we can mention for example: it is the custom of the people of the Emirates to entertain their guests and serve Arabic coffee to their guests as a gesture of respect and warm welcome. It is a symbol of generosity and hospitality. Folk dances and other traditional sports are still highly appreciated by many people. Falconry, horseback riding, camel racing, boat racing and rowing are a few examples. Songs praising God are sung on special occasions to encourage ...

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... leader. Nowadays, falconry is primarily a sport or hobby but ensuring that the sport does not kill off any local species of hare or whatever else is caught.”

“The peregrine was the falcon most often trained before easier communications brought in sakers and sometimes a few lanners from other parts of the Middle East. But the peregrine’s great speed and elegance makes it still the favorite and most expensive bird.
When the falcon comes to the lure from about 100 meters away as soon as called, it is ready to start the business of hunting. Unhooded, and thrown off at a houbara, the falcon will either swoop at it from a considerable height, dealing it an often fatal blow as it shoots past, or else will seize it and ‘bind’ to bring it down to earth”
-‘”UAE – A meed practical guide”Mark Allen’

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