Essay about Sports Gender Segregation : Sports

Essay about Sports Gender Segregation : Sports

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Sports Gender Segregation
Do you think women should play with men professionally in a sport? Although people may believe that women should be treated equally with men when it comes to certain things, but when it comes to sports it is totally different. Sometimes sports are not always played for fun. Sports take a real big part on the competitive side.
Some may argue that girls can play a sport better than boys, people think that girls should play with the boys because they should be treated equally. Opponents argue that girls should not play with boys because women are not as athletic or physically strong as a man. People have not thought about a woman 's physical being and health. As people say boy sports should only include boys because boys are tougher and stronger than girls. That is why they have two different gender teams at high schools, colleges and professionally, so they do not have to worry about serious injuries that a man can do to a woman. People are just focusing and thinking about the what ifs, and the equality between men and women, by letting them play professionally with men. Some people believe that women can do anything men can do, they are wrong when it come to sports. Women should not play with men professionally due to the fact that most men are stronger than women, and will get severely hurt. Boys get stronger as they get older, and that is what make it hard for a girl to participate in the sport, playing with boys (Rippey). This is significant because some women are very athletic and could have the skill, but not strong enough to play with men. This proves my argument by saying that girls really have to be equal in size and strength,...

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...ear, compared to men
In the world today people would rather prefer to go see men play a sport than go to see a woman play. For example, basketball. The reason people would rather go see men play than to go see women is because they think that men are more athletic. Since they can jump higher and dunk that is what makes it interesting to watch. Women sports can be just as exciting with the close scores and going overtime. When teams go into overtime it really becomes aggressive and ends up a faster paced game, than it usually is. It usually becomes this way because the teams are trying even harder to get the win and if women played with men, it would be really dangerous to play with them at that time or at any time I should say. With that being said would you want your daughter, sister, aunt or any female in your family playing with men professionally?

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