Sports Culture Cash Is King

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You Can Cheat the Game but You Can Not Cheat Your Body. In today’s sports culture cash is king. Today’s athletes will do anything for that big payday. Cheating has been a part of sports for centuries but as the advances in medicine has come so have the ways of cheating. Steroids are an issue in every sport but in football it is not talked about as much. According to former NFL guard Bill Fralic in 1989 “about 75% of NFL lineman, linebackers and tight ends use steroids”. Steroids are a cheap shortcut to achieving athletic greatness (Sports Illustrated 70.22 1989). Using steroids while young can have a lasting impact way after you’re playing days are over. Imagine yourself a young 21 year old college athlete full of athletic ability. You are projected to go in the first round of the upcoming NFL draft. Going in the first round of the NFL draft guarantees you will make millions of dollars. But in your final game you tear your rotator cuff in your shoulder. Between the rehab time and building up the necessary strength to compete you are looking at nine months to a year. But you have a friend who knows a guy that can speed up the recovery time by three to six months. This scenario is played out every day in college and professional sports. This is carried out by using Anabolic steroids. Both drugs are illegal using these drugs can get you a year in jail and selling them can get you almost five years.(Orlando Sentinel 2 June 2005) Some athletes are willing to risk everything for that big payday or to comeback from an injury quicker. Steroids are normally taken through intramuscular injections. But today’s athletes have gotten creative by requesting other ways of getting the drug. Some of those ways are through pills, sprays, gummy c... ... middle of paper ... ...ntion all the withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, fatigue, and loss of appetite, reduced sex drive, and steroid cravings, and depression which sometimes leads to suicide attempts. The NFL’s drug testing system is broken and until it’s fixed the lower level programs like college and high school will continue to follow their lead. Researchers continue to do studies to educate the public on the dangers of steroid use but until the role models of professional football start to speak out against it kids will still think it’s okay. So yes they might get the big contract or come back from an injury quicker but in the long run the unnatural drugs are going to catch up with them and it could be bad. Nothing beats hard work and dedication. So the choices you make while you are young will have a long term effects if you choice to cheat yourself and the game and use steroids.
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