The Sports Authority Is A Leading Sporting Goods Essay

The Sports Authority Is A Leading Sporting Goods Essay

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Image that you and your son are out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon heading out to the stores. You just sign up your bouncing five year old boy for his first year of tee ball and he needs all the appropriate equipment to not only keep him safe but also perform his very best on the field. In you walk into a store and almost immediately you and your son are greeted by an enthusiastic store reprehensive ready to help you with all of your needs. This employee listens to all of your needs and concerns and with his knowledge and leadership assist you with selecting all of the proper gear for junior. This employee impresses you with all of his knowledge and decision making of the best and proper techniques of helping anyone that steps into the store. Ask yourself, how did this employee learn such great customer service? How are these employees leading customers, and how are these employees being lead? The outstanding company that is educating these excellent leadership skills is the one and only Sports Authority.
The Sports Authority is a leading sporting goods retailer and is a well-known revenue gaining franchise in the United States of America (Statista. 2014). This company is the driving force for disturbing the top world-renowned and leading sporting merchandise such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Jordan Brand, and thousands of other well needed commodities. With its 500 plus superstores in all fifty states and Puerto Rico, this corporation is building and continuing to best service its customers with the best service, top of the line and innovative equipment, and knowledge to do the best job possible. The companies ' multiple years of experience factors that the superiors of this corporation have produced many diffe...

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...great first impression is always the key to attracting a positive relationship with a person. This example can relate with Stroh’s philosophy
Selling Style
While Thomas was superb manager as far as laying the foundation for the working atmosphere, Bruce contributed well with coaching/selling style of motivating. Bruce understood that even though I lacked the experience factor of the job, I however display interest and ability to learned and be coached on the proper way to perform multiple tasks.
In a book entitled Leadership: The Key Concepts, authors Gosling and Marturano both agree that not one single bodied person has the ability to achieve goals on their own. (Gosling. Pg 3). Insights from others, even in the smallest manner can help to direct a person in the right direction. Even with that those small perspectives, it’s a team effort to achieve desired goals.

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