Essay on Sports : Athletes And Their Salaries

Essay on Sports : Athletes And Their Salaries

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The world of professional sports is one full of controversy yet it is held to great praise. Sports become holiday traditions, a land of dreams, a bible of inspiration, and even a way of life. The praise for sports is highlighted in those main areas, but the controversy begins with professional athletes and their salaries. There seems to always be some sort of headline that involves an athlete receiving a new contract worth a mammoth amount of money. When the public hears about such a contract many can’t help but express their discontent for what they believe to be a ludicrous amount of money rewarded to an athlete for “simply playing a game”. It is important to keep in mind the athlete’s performance, sales impact, team worth, and many other factors. From one viewpoint it is easy to discard what a professional athlete does and simply label it as an overpaid job, but the real facts are what lie beneath the piles of cash. Professional athletes are not overpaid because their salaries are an accumulation of multiple work-based components that equal the value of their contracts.
In particular, professional athletes are constantly being criticized that they get paid to “simply play a game”. What many fail to realize is that even though what professional athletes do might be defined as a game in a dictionary, it is defined as much more by what they do between the lines. The level of dedication and hard work that an athlete must put into their profession goes beyond playing a pickup game in the backyard with friends. Professional athletes must dedicate a great portion of their time to practices and workouts in order to do their job appropriately and execute as expected. Rob Simmons tells us, “The time spent by a player in off-season prac...

... middle of paper ... jerseys we buy and posters we hang up. If one were to dig even deeper and look into the smaller leagues one would find athletes making at or below minimum wage. Those athletes are still considered professional athletes and they don’t get paid a crumbs worth of what big-name athletes make. It’s easy to build anger towards professional athletes who have contracts worth many millions, but don’t let that be a label for all athletes because not all of them are breaking the bank with their contracts.
Professionals all around the world have salaries that tend to differentiate because the better that individual is the more money they deserve to earn. That is what happens in the professional world of sports. Athletes are paid in respect to their team and marketing values. In the same way that salaries differ in other professions so do the contracts in the world of sports.

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