Sports And Curricular Activities Are Important Essay

Sports And Curricular Activities Are Important Essay

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Monkey see, Monkey do
It is said children learn the most when they are younger; usually between the ages of nine and fourteen. This is why after school programs, sports and extra-curricular activities are important. The mind of a child between the ages of nine and fourteen is like a sponge taking in, observing and mimicking behavior they see. There are numerous factors that can contribute to this, to name a few; the type of household, a child’s friends and the family’s socioeconomic status. We learn these valueable lesson is the two stories Bodega Dreams by ____________ and Ranch Girl by Maile Meloy
Every household has its own differences making every situation unique. The immediate family is also important because the child spends much of the daylight hours around parents and siblings. A child is more than likely to mimic the behavior they see by the parents more so than other siblings. Thus, the reason for behaving around young children is so important. In Ranch Girl written by Maile Meloy, describes the value of working hard to help her father. “She helps her dad when other hands are busy, wading after him into an irrigation ditch, or rounding up a stray cow-calf pair” (Page 173). Ranch Girl describes helping her father when everyone else on the ranch is busy with other tasks. Ranch Girl doesn’t fear getting hands dirty to help get the job done whatever it maybe. By helping her father Ranch Girl learns many life lessons including hard work, the importance of family and dedication among others. Ranch Girl was raised with work hard ethic knowing it will pay off somewhere down the road. In contrast, Sapo from Bodega Dreams grew up in a bit more of a dangerous household. “Sapo crawled on Blessington as if Blessington were going t...

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...e in life. When a person makes a bad choice the can continue to make bad choices. Many of the people that surround a person can have an effect of by the way they act and do things. If a person makes bad choices it can be corrected easily early on. Sometimes it can be too late. If family and friends help support a child they can provide a strong support base by helping them grow up into a stronger and more stable person in the big world.Therefore there are numerous factors that go into the molding process of a child’s mind and lifestyle. Sometimes it can be parents and siblings, friends or their socioeconomic status. Most of these factors cannot be picked or chosen. One simply does not pick ones parents. You can choose to surround yourself by good friends or poor influences. Sometimes you get to pick where you would like to live, the type or size of the neighborhood.

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