Essay about Sports and African Americans: John "Jackie" Robinson

Essay about Sports and African Americans: John "Jackie" Robinson

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What would you feel like to be the first modern African American to play major league baseball? Well, you don’t because this courageous man named John(Jackie) Robinson took over that role.
On January 31, 1919, a kid by the name of Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia. He surely did not know that he would be one day an american hero. His father was Jerry Robinson, a plantation worker. His mother was Mallie, she was a domestic worker. Jackie had three brothers and one sister. The four brothers were: Edgar, Frank and Mack. The sister was Willa Mae. Frank and Edgar are no longer alive, but Mack and WIlla still live in Pasadena, California. His dad left Mallie and the children, never to return, when Jackie was six months old. When Jackie was a little over a year old, he and his family left for Pasadena, California. Segregation was a big part of Jackie’s childhood. The movies were segregated, blacks could swim in the municipal pool and attend the YMCA on certain days of the week. Some restaurants were closed to blacks too. Carl Anderson and Karl Downs, Carl a mechanic, Karl a youthful minister, pointed Jackie to the right things and introduced him into sports. Jackie was also encouraged by his mother, so Jackie turned more of his energies to the fields. (True Story)
“Robinson’s very first competitive game took place when his fourth grade soccer team played the sixth grade soccer players. Then came football, basketball, tennis, the track team, and table tennis. In athletics he was to relate to people on equal terms. There was a lot of emphasis on race but on more body development, coordination, and performance level. He had a great skill as a football quarterback, .400 baseball batting average, and exceptional track athlete”...

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...n, and everything in between to get to where he was at. He will always be remembered for being the first African American to play modern major league ball but also his courage, his determination, and his character.

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