Sports : A Good Way For Educational Attainment Essay

Sports : A Good Way For Educational Attainment Essay

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Although high school sports have been extremely popular in the past decades, they can also
affect an athlete’s education in a bad way. Physical Education and School Sports is also viewed
as a good way for educational attainment. Many studies have shown that physical education and
sports may not harm the athletes education. .School sports can get you scholarships from the best
schools out there. Even though most student athletes don’t become
professional they still spend hours of practice on and off the field. Athletes also need to plan
ahead since most athletes will not have a professional sport career. Many people believe that a
sports is their key to success. Many others think that sports are more important than school or
their education. One possible solution may be to screen perspective student athletes before
accepting them into colleges. Schools all across the country have many sports
teams from soccer, basketball, baseball and many more. An Athlete who spends more time on
sports has less absences than a regular student who does not play a sport. Studies have shown
that an athlete is successful in their education and get into a really good college .A school sport
does keep you out of trouble but it can also affect your grades and your GPA(Grade Point
Average). When playing a sport you have less time with studying and more time on the field
Practicing your skills.
athletes with higher physical activity lack on maintaining grades. The average GPA for an athlete
to play on a team is a 2.0. So that means that you at least have to maintain a “C” or better in all
your classes. If you fail to maintain at least the required grade point average you will have to
face being cut from the team. This can be diffic...

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...lly, the Project EAT sample, because of its large size and diversity
in race/ethnicity and SES, permitted generalization of the findings to other metropolitan
populations of students. A limitation of this study was the lack of precision of the physical
activity measure. Although physical activity recalls of children as young as fifth grade were
shown to have adequate reliability and validity when used for research. A measure of baseline
cardiorespiratory fitness and an objective measure of exertion during physical activity would
Provide further insight into the effects of physical activity on academic achievement. Self-report
Of academic grades may also have been a limitation of the study. Additionally, because of the
Cross-sectional study design, causality between sports team participation or physical activity and
academic outcomes could not be determined.

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